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We currently offer 22 pigments in various hues. The creative possibilities are endless. Pigments can be used individually in different concentrations to achieve a large range of color, or they can be combined in endless combinations. The medium used will affect the final color result.

Some of our pigments have been in use for hundreds and even thousands of years. Their popularity and longevity are due to the vibrancy and reliability of the pigments. All of our pigments are:

  • light-fast
  • weatherproof
  • compatible with all pigments and media
  • possessing strong tenting strength
  • opaque
  • fresco-safe

We offer 2oz. sample packets, small jars and large jars. Pigments vary by weight.

Using the Pigments

Transparency vs. Opacity: The degree of transparency or opacity depends on the color and medium. Mediums that have a white base, such as lime paint or white acrylic base, will generally produce more opaque colors. A neutral acrylic base, neutral glaze or linseed oil will generally result in more intense, transparent colors.

Fading: Although these pigments are able to withstand the harshest Mediterranean sun, some fading may eventually occur giving the project an even greater “old world” look.

Ratios: Stucco or plaster — the standard recommendation is to add from 3% to 6% pigment to a basic plaster or concrete mix. For example, 100lbs. of plaster would take 3 to 6 lbs of pigment for a standard dosage.

A 90lb bag of white finish plaster mix covers approximately 80-100 square feet: 3lbs to 6lbs of pigment at an average cost of $12 lb would be .36 to .72 sq ft for pigment.

Exact recipes for custom plaster, concrete, mortar, and stucco mixes vary depending on the base material and project goals. It is strongly recommended that customers find a book that covers the topic they are interested in or contact plaster and cement suppliers.


Caution: due to the fine particle nature of these pigments, do not breathe dust when handling or using this product. Always wear gloves and a NIOSH approved dust mask.

Standard warranty applies: Ochres & Oxides pigments are warranted to give satisfactory performance if used as recommended. Liability shall be limited to refund of purchase price or the replacement of all defective product. There are not other warranties expressed or implied.