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Basque Cocoa pigment

Basque Cocoa

Ochre Marroon, Chestnut Brown
This chestnut brown ocher is a natural earth pigment that lends a warm richness to any medium.

Doric Gray pigment

Doric Gray

Ardoise, Gray
A cool light gray pigment that is wonderful for subtle shading and toning down more saturated colors.

Indus Purple pigment

Indus Purple

Oxyde Violet Outremer, Ultramarine Violet
Vibrant in color and strong in staying power, this pigment creates both bright and subtle shades of violets and lilacs.

Ionian Orange pigment

Ionian Orange

Ochre Havane, Orange-Red Earth
A subtle and earthy orange natural earth pigment, with strong tinting strength and opacity.

Lisbon Yellow pigment

Lisbon Yellow

Jaune Claire, Pale Yellow
A light, mellow, creamy yellow for use in all mediums.

Luberon Sage pigment

Luberon Sage

Terre Verte, Green Earth
A classic Terre Verte with subtle tones of gray in the earthy green.

Madeira pigment


Sienne Calcinee, Burnt Sienna
One of the most versatile red earth pigments with strong opacity and wonderful in combination with many other pigments.

Maltese Black pigment

Maltese Black

Oxyde Noir, Black Oxide
Very strong black pigment with high tinting strength adds the drama of rich black to your work.

Monaco White pigment

Monaco White

Blanc Titane Oxide, White Titanium Oxide
A typical white titanium dioxide, it is very opaque with strong covering power.

Moors Gold pigment

Moors Gold

Oxyde Jaune, Yellow Oxide
Yellow oxide of the highest quality and consistency. A mustard color similar to natural yellow ochre with strong tinting strength and dependability.

Moroccan Red pigment

Moroccan Red

Ochre Rouge, Red Ochre
A pure red earth that is very clear and brilliant in tone. One of the finest earth reds.

Nile Brown pigment

Nile Brown

Ombre Calcinee, Burnt Umber
Deep brown with a slight pinkish tone in white opaque mediums. Excellent tinting strength and opacity.

Peloponesian Blue pigment

Peloponesian Blue

Oxyde Bleu, Blue Oxide
An exceptionally bright blue reminiscent of the clearest tropical waters.

Persian Violet pigment

Persian Violet

Oxyde Violet, Violet Oxide
A strong, heavy iron oxide of great performance. High opacity, capable of nuanced light violets to deep earthy purples.

 Pyrenees Forest

Pyrenees Forest

Oxyde Vert Fonce, Dark Green Oxide
Similar to viridian as a strong green with a slight tinge of blue. Exceptional permanence and strength.

Sahara pigment


Sienne Natural Claire, Pale Raw Sienna
Dating back to antiquity, this pigment features exceptional permanence.

Sardinian Seaside pigment

Sardinian Seaside

Oxyde Bleu Outremer, Ultramarine Blue
The workhorse of blues, providing a rich cobalt hue reminiscent of the Mediterranean seaside.

Turkish Earth pigment

Turkish Earth

Ombre Naturelle, Raw Umber
An earthy brown with a greenish tinge. Wonderful for toning down other pigments and lovely in lime plasters.

Tuscan Sun pigment

Tuscan Sun

Ochre Jaune, Yellow Ochre
A subtle yellow with a warm orange tint. A favorite amongst plasterers.

Vaucluse Sienna pigment

Vaucluse Sienna

Sienne Naturelle, Raw Sienna
Considered the darkest of the yellows with a brownish gold color. Warm and inviting.

Venetian Rouge pigment

Venetian Rouge

Rouge Venetian
A very permanent pigment with a strong luscious rose color.

Vine Noir pigment

Vine Noir

Noir de Vigne, Vine Black, Oxyde Noir, Black Oxide
A soft black, lending itself to charcoal gray tones. This natural earth pigment lends itself to the best qualities of the traditional vegetable vine blacks.

Glass Mullers


Our glass mullers are handmade by hot glass artists at Studio Ferdinand. Three versions available. The base is ground completely flat with a matte finish—perfect for grinding.

Plaster Polishing Tools

Plaster Polishing Tools

Our set of tadalakt polishing tools, traditionally made of stone, consists of a small muller, an obalisque and ball. For polished plasters the sensual finish achieved with these tools is addictive.

Wood Trowels

Wood Trowels

These hand crafted wood trowels are made of the finest mahogany and redwood for long lasting use. They are purposefully sized for intricate corners, niches, sculpting and all edging details.