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We are a wholesale company committed to providing the highest quality materials and tools to the trade. We also provide our clients with ideas and information for working creatively with pigments. We conduct all of our business with honesty and integrity. The following represents our ongoing commitment to conducting business in a fashion that is consistent, respectful, and conscious to our affiliates, our clients, the environment and ourselves.

  • We strive to create a flexible organization where all Ochres & Oxides affiliates meet and adapt to the challenges of a constantly changing world and business landscape.
  • We value creative, collaborative processes.
  • We commit to personal and professional honesty, ethical behavior and excellence.
  • We provide our clients with the finest service, always inclusive of their interests and creativity.
  • We value raw materials and providing the information to use them.
  • We commit to zero tolerance of discrimination or harassment in any form.
  • We commit to creating an open-minded work environment.
  • We utilize principles of appropriate technology and sustainable business and design systems.
  • We strive for a balanced and healthy approach in our professional and personal lives.
  • We commit to honest evaluations and fair solutions even in the midst of stress or difficulty.
  • We endeavor to make all business decisions based on our core values and these principles